Monday, March 29, 2021

The Florida COVID Surge

 The following is a letter I sent to professor Hannage of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health regarding the coming Florida COVID surge. Florida has been a cesspool for a very long time and it will remain a cesspool until the population of Republicans is sufficiently reduced. COVID-19 could do that.

Professor Hanage,

I think a lot of us saw this coming.  Had Americans behaved like the Japanese theoretically we'd have around 20,000 deaths. While a lot of the blame goes on Trump and his lies IMO most blame belongs on others. Our media and public health officials dropped the ball. It's easy to blame the orange ass clown. The CDC feigned ignorance about the effectiveness of masks and how far aerosols travel from talking, shouting and sneezing.

Worldometers reports 560,000 deaths and if you factor in the under reporting in Trumpistan we can probably add 100,000 more deaths.

Most of the deaths have been and will continue to be Trumpanzees. Through careful study I have determined that for lack of a better word Trumpism/ignorance/stupidity/bigotry/selfishness is not entirely a learned behavior. Without proof people have argued that the East Asian countries have handled this better because of their "culture". I submit that Americanized Asians would behave similarly because they have. The COVID numbers prove it.

COVID may become endemic and the in pockets throughout Republican areas. The ethical and public health question should be, Would it be moral to even try to save these creatures? It would be like saving members of the Waffen SS or saving the lives of enemies only so that they can attack again. These creature are spreaders, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. They are also malevolent intractable liars, and bigots. Our Native Americans banished trash like them but we make fact free excuses for them. These creatures are the scum of the earth. Is it moral to stop nature from ridding humanity of them? Lemmings walk over the cliff for a reason. The Bible Belt is the porn belt, the divorce belt, the teen pregnancy belt, the racism belt, the hate group belt, the gluttony belt, the low IQ, the diabetes belt, the low life expectancy belt, the cancer belt, the opiate addiction belt, the violent crime belt, and the homophobe belt.

Would the gene pool be better off without them? Yes! Would humanity be better off without them? Yes! Would the workforce be better if it were replaced with Mexicans? Yes! Would the crime rate go down? Yes! Would the collective IQ rise? Yes?

There are pockets of these creatures. The right highly transmissible and virulent variant could take them out in one fell swoop and then go away. Texas and Florida would be rid of their slimy politicians and Republicanism would be neutralized.

Trumpistan is failing in its vaccine distribution. Is that really a bad thing? The vaccines seem to offer protection against the variants. Proper vitamin D levels are helpful as is zinc. Ivermectin seems to work and masks work. Some nasal sprays offer protection.

As I see it, the surge is a purge and a much needed purge at that. Don't even try to convince the science hating neo Confederates and Trump mobsters. Let their ignorance kick them into the void. We don't owe them the truth. We owe ourselves a moral and safe society.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Stacey Dash Comes To Her Senses

 OpEd:  Most Trump supporters are just plain evil but some are simply confused and brainwashed by the Trump lie machine. It looks like Stacey Dash has had a Zen moment and reality penetrated into he brain. She denouncing Trump and his propaganda machine Fox News. With COVID-19 killing off Trumpanzees and now with some of them accepting reality there could be a 2% shift to reason and facts. That will be death for the already wounded GOP.

Last updated: March 11, 2021, 04:17 GMT

 United States Coronavirus Cases: 29,862,124

Deaths: 542,191



Jessica Floyd

Dash claimed that Fox cast her as an ‘angry Black woman’

Actress and former Fox News pundit Stacey Dash is falling on her sword by denouncing Donald Trump and distancing herself from the conservative network.

During an interview with DailyMailTV on Wednesday, Dash claimed the right-wing focused outlet casted her as an “angry Black woman.”

“There are things that I am sorry for. Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them,” she said.

Stacey Dash
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Read More: Chris Rock addresses #OscarsSoWhite at the awards, Stacey Dash makes appearance

Dash claimed that anger led to her mistakes.

“I realized in 2016 that anger is unsustainable and it will destroy you. I made a lot of mistakes because of that anger,” Dash said.

“There are things that I am sorry for. Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them. They were very arrogant and prideful and angry. And that’s who Stacey was, but that’s not who Stacey is now. Stacey’s someone who has compassion, empathy.”

In 2015, Fox News suspended Dash for using profanity in reference to then-President Obama while on air. Just months after the incident, she joined Chris Rock on stage during the Oscars to poke fun at the backlash she was receiving for her hardline comments as a Fox contributor.

Some of her most notable comments include suggestions to end Black History Month and shutdown BET in the interest of equality.

Dash even cosigned Trump’s statement following the 2017 Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally in Virginia that there were “very fine people on both sides,” and supported his claim that Mexican immigrants were drug traffickers, rapists, and criminals.

But now, the Clueless actress is attempting to turn a new leaf. In the interview with DailyMailTV, she took aim at Trump’s role in the insurrection of January 6. Additionally, Dash apologized for the pain she had caused and vowed to leave politics.

Stacey Dash on DailyMailTV (Credit: screenshot)

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Year Ago Liar Trump Claimed The CORONAVIRUS was under control

 It's been a year since Trump said COVID-19 was under control.

It's been 1 year since Trump infamously tweeted the 'coronavirus is very much under control' in the U.S.

Well, that didn't age well.

It's now been one year since former President Donald Trump infamously tweeted that the "coronavirus is very much under control" in the United States.

At that point, a search through the Trump Twitter Archive reveals, Trump had been discussing the virus publicly, but mostly in the context of how China was dealing with it; in those days, Trump was still speaking glowingly of President Xi Jinping's response. The Feb. 24 tweet was one of the earliest references Trump made to the virus' presence in the United States, and certainly his most direct about its potential effect on the country.

The comment looks quite jarring in hindsight — earlier this week the U.S. recorded its 500,000th COVID-19 death, and the pandemic remains a serious public health threat, although there are now signs of hope in the form of steadily declining cases and increasing vaccinations.

Trump was far from the only person to downplay the risk of the virus in the U.S. in February 2020, but he did continue to send mixed messages about its danger throughout the rest of his presidency, even after he was infected himself.

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Last updated: February 25, 2021, 02:55 GMT

 United StatesCoronavirus Cases: 28,974,623

Deaths: Most of them are Trump suppoters. 518,363

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Let God Sort Em Out


Trump is/was a rodeo clown. The greater evil is the GOP base. It would be really easy to blame the depravity that is killing America on the Orange Menace but it goes much deeper. After knowing what he was, the GOP base voted for Trump a second time. 74 million of the voted for Trump. Hillary was partially right when she said 50% of Trumpers were deplorable. Nearly all of them are deplorable.

The depravity of the GOP base goes back decades and the largest infestation of these MAGAts exists in the Bible Belt where people call the holocaust that was slavery and the treason and insurrection that declared the war on the United State heritage. The South is infested with depravity that shows up in it having the highest divorce rates, highest teen pregnancy rates, lowest life expectancy, most obesity, most diabetes, most cancer, lowest collective IQs, most incest, and most Republicans.

It get worse. The original 1% were the plantation owners who used slave labor to live like royalty. The 1% now is the corpocracy as companies such as Apple use slave labor to manufacture their products. Worse than the slave owners who bought their slaves and kept then in shape to work, the corporation today treat their slaves as disposable.

If the day comes when the MAGAt who stormed the capitol storm the corporate board rooms and do to the 1% what they wanted to do to Mike Pence and Pelosi, the ruling class will quickly surrender its ill gotten wealth including the tens of trillions they have in off shore accounts.

You see Yellow Dog Granny, It all comes down to the lowset common denominator. GREED! If we were living in 1789 the let them it cake crowd and the billionaire class would be publicly guillotined. They'd have no other choice and they'd give up their obscene wealth.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Known Sex Pervert And Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Look Up Michelle Wie's Skirt An Brags About It

OpEd: Rudy is not some special case. His behavior is typical of Republicans. People like Rudy should be castrated because they are a danger to girls and women. Giuliani is more than a dirty old man. Rudy Giuliani along with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Jeffery Epstein and Alan Dershowitz are dangerous and should be thrown into

Michelle Wie said it was "unsettling" to hear Rudy Giuliani tell a crude story about looking up Wie's skirt as the two golfed at a charity event. Wie responded to Giuliani's story Friday, calling it "highly inappropriate," among other things.

Wie's response did not mention Giuliani by name, but it was clear who she was talking about. 

Wie's full response read:

"It's unsettling to hear of this highly inappropriate story shared on a podcast by a public figure referencing my 'panties' whilst playing at a charity pro-am. What this person should have remembered from that day was the fact that I shot 64 and beat every male golfer in the field leading our team to victory. I shudder thinking that he was smiling to my face and complimenting me on my game while objectifying me and referencing my 'panties' behind my back all day.

"What should be discussed is the elite skill level that women play at, not what we wear or look like.

"My putting stance six years ago was designed to improve my putting stats (I ended up winning the US Open that year), NOT as an invitation to look up my skirt!

"Nike makes skirts with SHORTS built in underneath for this exact reason ... so that women can feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE playing a game that we love."

Wie mentions playing at a charity pro-am. It sounds like she may have been paired up with Giuliani at the event.

Rudy Giuliani told crude story about golfing with Michelle Wie

Giuliani recounted his highly inappropriate story while appearing on Steve Bannon's podcast. In it, Giuliani talked about golfing with Rush Limbaugh — who died Wednesday — at an event. Giuliani says the two noticed paparazzi following them, and joked about what they had done to warrant extra attention.

Giuliani then said he noticed Wie was exposing her underwear every time she went to putt. Giuliani then told Limbaugh that the paparazzi was actually there to get shots of Wie's "panties."

After finishing his story, Giuliani asked Bannon, "Is that OK to tell that joke, I'm not sure."

Bannon responded by saying, "We already told it."

More from Yahoo Sports:

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The De-Trumpification Of America Should Be Like The De-Nazification Of Germany

 Like Nazi, Trump supporters are evil and dangerous. As to what percentage of Nazis and what percentage of Trumpers are dangerous and profoundly evil is a question that has yet to be answered. My guess would be that around 10% of German Nazis were dangerous and profoundly evil and judging by what I've seen from Republican voters, right wing social media and MAGAt that I have engaged on social media, I would estimate that the percentage damgerous and profoundly evil MAGAts is atleast 15% and unlike the de-Nazification of Germany the de-Trumpification of America will be much more difficult to achieve. 

America is unwilling to execute these morally and genetically depraved individuals not is America willing to shut down the liars and social media thugs who spread the lies of Trumpism. Because of America's unwillingness to shutdown the Nazi propaganda machine we humans will continue to be preyed upon by the same ilk who stormed the US Capitol. How much of this savage mob can be tamed is up for debate. My guess is maybe 50%. 

What we can do is at least keep a close eye on the MAGAts like we did on the radicalized Muslims. What makes the MAGAts more of a threat than radicalized Muslims is their sheer numbers, their ignorance, and their firepower. 

The odds of teaching a Nazi or Trump supporter a lesson in humanity is slim and none. Their depravity shows in the functioning and structure of their brains. 

The time for wishful thinking, theories and conjecture regarding the dangers and depravity needs to come to an end. We know everything we need to know. Knowing what a vile and evil man Trump was 74 million members of his mob voted for him and many of them committed crimes for him. Only seven Republican senators voted Trump quilty in his impeachment. Republicans are for the most part criminals and traitors from their leaders down to their base. Can a nation survive with such high precentage of criminals and traitors? I think not. 


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Republican Liars and Fox News Liars Are Finally Being Punished But Not Nearly Enough


MIAMI (AP) — A voting technology company is suing Fox News, three of its hosts and two former lawyers for former President Donald Trump — Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell — for $2.7 billion, charging that the defendants conspired to spread false claims that the company helped “steal” the U.S. presidential election.

The 285-page complaint filed Thursday in New York state court by Florida-based Smartmatic USA is one of the largest libel suits ever undertaken. On Jan. 25, a rival election-technology company — Dominion Voting Systems, which was also ensnared in Trump's baseless effort to overturn the election — sued Guiliani and Powell for $1.3 billion.

Unlike Dominion, whose technology was used in 24 states, Smartmatic's participation in the 2020 election was restricted to Los Angeles County, which votes heavily Democratic.

Smartmatic's limited role notwithstanding, Fox aired at least 13 reports falsely stating or implying the company had stolen the 2020 vote in cahoots with Venezuela's socialist government, according to the complaint. This alleged “disinformation campaign” continued even after then-Attorney General William Barr said the Department of Justice could find no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

For instance, a Dec. 10 segment by Lou Dobbs accused Smartmatic and its CEO, Antonio Mugica, of working to flip votes through a non-existent backdoor in its voting software to carry out a “massive cyber Pearl Harbor," the complaint alleged.

“Defendants’ story was a lie," the complaint stated. "But, it was a story that sold.”

The complaint also alleges that Fox hosts Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro also directly benefitted from their involvement in the conspiracy. The lawsuit alleges that Fox went along with the “well-orchestrated dance” due to pressure from newcomer outlets such as Newsmax and One America News, which were stealing away conservative, pro-Trump viewers.

Roy Gutterman, a media law professor at Syracuse University, said the lawsuit is compelling and based on specific examples and facts, not frivolous claims.

“This is a perfect example of why we have the law of defamation in first place,” said Gutterman, a former reporter.

Fox News Media, in a statement on behalf of the network and its hosts, rejected the accusations. It said it is proud of its election coverage and would defend itself against the “meritless” lawsuit in court.

Fox "is committed to providing the full context of every story with in-depth reporting and clear opinion,” the company said in a written statement.

Giuliani and Powell did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

For Smartmatic, the effects of the negative publicity were swift and devastating, the complaint alleges. Death threats, including against an executive’s 14-year-old son, poured in as Internet searches for the company surged, Smartmatic claims.

With several client contracts in jeopardy, the company estimates that it will lose as much as $690 million in profits over the next five years. It also expects it will have to boost spending by $4.7 million to fend off what it called a “meteoric rise” in cyberattacks.

“For us, this is an existential crisis,” Mugica said in an interview. He said the false statements against Smartmatic have already led one foreign bank to close its accounts and deterred Taiwan, a prospective client, from adopting e-voting technology.

Like many conspiracy theories, the alleged campaign against Smartmatic was built on a grain of truth. Mugica is Venezuelan and Smartmatic’s initial success is partly attributable to major contracts from Hugo Ch├ívez's government, an early devotee of electronic voting.

No evidence has emerged that the company rigged votes in favor of the anti-American firebrand, and for a while the Carter Center and other observers held out Venezuela as a model of electronic voting. Meanwhile, the company has expanded globally.

Smartmatic is represented by J. Erik Connolly, who previously won what's believed to be the largest settlement in American media defamation, at least $177 million, for a report on ABC News describing a company's beef product as “pink slime.”

“Very rarely do you see a news organization go day after day after day against the same targets," Connolly said in an interview. “We couldn't possibly have rigged this election because we just weren't even in the contested states to do the rigging.”

Fox, after receiving a demand for retraction from Smartmatic’s lawyers in December, aired what it called a “fact-checking segment” with an election technology expert. In the segment, the expert said there was no evidence of tampering — something the defendants knew from the start and reported elsewhere on the network, the complaint alleges.

Far from making the company whole, Mugica said he saw the segment — in which an unidentified voice asks questions referenced in the retraction letter — as an admission of guilt.

Gutterman said that any after-the-fact correction can be a mitigating factor but doesn't get of the defendants entirely off the hook if they are found to have previously been propagating false claims. With the line between fact and opinion increasingly blurred in the current media landscape, he said he expects the lawsuit to force news outlets trying to capitalize on support for Trump to reconsider how far to stretch the limits.

“This is certainly a wake-up call that, just because you’re dealing in opinion and not straight news, you can’t openly put anything on the air,” he said. “Facts are still facts.”

The Florida COVID Surge

 The following is a letter I sent to professor Hannage of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health regarding the coming Florida COV...